Foreign currency money order is a transaction referring to:

  • Payment order
  • Regulated money transfer
  • SEPA money transfer.


Regulated transfer

Regulated transfer is a transfer order or cash payment made by a customer of a Polish bank onto the beneficiary's account with another bank in the European Union and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, or a transfer executed to the benefit of a customer of a Polish bank, if the originator completed the said transfer from any of the above countries, provided it meets the following conditions:

  • Transaction currency is EUR
  • Transaction amount is lower or equal to 50 000.00 EUR
  • The transfer order contains the correct beneficiary account number in IBAN standard, preceded by the code of the country in which it is maintained and valid bank BIC (BIC code), which is equivalent to the SWIFT address of the bank (Swift code) by which the transfer is to be received;
  • Cost option for the payment is indicated as "SHA"